Christine Grant

Handy Hints

On your invitations invite guests 30 minutes earlier than ceremony start time to avoid late arrivals disrupting your ceremony.

Consider where the sun will be on your wedding day. If the sun is in your eyes you will squint – not good for your photo's. Also consider how long your guests will be standing in the sun. They will find this uncomfortable.

ALWAYS have a second venue organised for your ceremony AND noted on your "Notice of Intended Marriage" (BDM60) in case of inclement weather.

Select music for your ceremony that is you, not necessarily what is traditional.

"Rescue Remedy" is fantastic. It will take the edge off your nerves. Start taking it at least three days before your wedding. Purchase from health shops.

When you are planning to get married in a public place, such as a park or on the beach you apply to the local Council for a permit. This saves any inconvenience or embarrassment in the event of someone else setting up for their wedding in the same area. It is IMPORTANT that the location/address is the same on the permit as is on your “Notice of Intended Marriage” (BDM60) – your marriage licence.

Being late – don't rush and spoil your "Special Day". It is not considered polite now, for a bride to keep her guests waiting. Remember they may be standing in the hot sun.

Timing is paramount – discuss with your hairdresser, make up artist, photographer, venue, caterers and celebrant their time frame and always allow extra time to avoid stress on your "Special Day".

Make sure someone is available via mobile just in case there are any unavoidable delays on route to the ceremony.

Don't make any last minute time changes as this will compromise the entire day.

This is YOUR "Special Day" have fun and enjoy it with the people you love.