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Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Firstly, make an appointment to quietly sit and talk to a professional celebrant about how YOU want your ceremony to be –

  • traditional,
  • non-traditional,
  • relaxed
  • fun.

Family involvement;

  • children involved
  • roses given to your mothers
  • family member(s) give the wedding rings

So many choices and your celebrant will be able to make suggestions.
Ask for printed material indicating the order & content of your ceremony to give you some ideas.


Who and how to include people in your ceremony

A worthwhile idea is to include children from former relationships by acknowledging them in your ceremony. They will then feel they are welcome in your relationship.

Deceased parents and or grandparents. They will be with you in spirit - and you are, who you are, because of life's lessons and values they have passed on to you. Acknowledging them in your ceremony could be by way of lighting a candle or perhaps having a photo on the signing table.

All parents long for recognition from their children and to be told that they are loved. During such a special time as a wedding there is an opportunity you probably will never have again to publicly declare, not only your love but your thanks to your parents.

Take into consideration when planning your ceremony that small children and animals are oh-so cute, but be prepared that they may take attention off the stars - the bride and groom.


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